What You Should Avoid When Hiring a Good Tile Contractor


Tile contractors also called setters or installers are qualified experts dealing with tile installations, plastering, and more. Even though they have no formal education, they must pass certain training and have skills to be able to work on residential or commercial projects. If you need some tile work to be done inside or outside your home, hiring a respectable local tile contractor is the best you can do. What things do you have to avoid though?

  • Do not engage a handyman, carpenter, or another non-professional for tile work. Whether you need new tiles installed in your bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere outdoors, it is good if you hire a specialist to do the tile installation and plastering. Hiring a handyman, for example, to handle all your odds will be cheaper, but he won’t offer satisfactory end results. You need a dexterous tile expert with experience.

  • Do not assume your local tile supply store has relationships with tile setters. If you have decided to buy some stuff for your new tile installation project, asking if the local store knows some good technicians is a bad idea. Instead, you can go to a commercial contractor who works with installers, architects, and designers.

  • Do not assume your contractor is licensed and insured. When hiring a professional company to tackle your project, you should always ask for a proof of a business license and worker’s liability insurance, this is very important and will help you have the peace of mind knowing the job will be done with no stressful factors.

  • Do not forget to ask some important questions. How long will the entire project take? How much will it cost me in total? How many people will be working? Will it be finished on time?

  • Inspect the tile work at the end. Seeing the entire project finally finished brings huge relief. But a picture is worth a thousand words. Do not let the setters go before inspecting the end results. If there is anything you don’t like, do not be afraid to ask them to rectify it.


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