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When it comes to floor installations, preparing the subfloor is probably the most important stage of such a project. Tiles are very strong, tough, and durable, and they should have a stable and leveled surface to lay on. If the subbase is not done properly, you will soon come across unsightly cracks and other imperfections. In a nutshell, subfloor preparation determines whether you will have long-lasting surfaces or you will have to spend more money on repairs soon after the installation takes place. A professional tile contractor informs:

There are a few options available if you have decided to lay tiles on the floor of your kitchen, bathroom, or any other outdoor area.

How do you need to prepare a concrete subfloor? You have to fix all cracks and uneven patches prior to installation, especially if you need to lay that material directly over the concrete. If the surface has large cracks, you can remove the section of the damaged concrete slab and replace it with a new material. Cleaning afterward is required.

What do you have to do if you are working with plywood? Considering the fact that tile floors are heavy, you have to ensure a flat and sturdy subbase so it won’t break or dislodge under their pressure. For that reason, plywood requires a 1 1/8 inches thick layer of under the flooring.

Can you lay tiles on linoleum or vinyl? The straightforward answer is: “Yes, you can.” Non-cushioned vinyl and linoleum can act as a suitable subfloor for tile installation. Just be careful, cushioned vinyl is not an appropriate alternative because it will have an adhesive needed for the vinyl installation.

How about preparing a tile subfloor? No matter how strange it may sound, it is possible. You can lay tiles over an existing tile surface as long as you apply a thinset directly over it. If the existing tiles are set over a mortar bed, you may need to remove the tiles with the mortar bed depending on how high you wish the flooring to be.


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